Monday, 8 April 2013

Do not disturb sign! LOL

The bain of my computer game life is the inability of the wife and others to comprehend that when I take myself upstairs to my attic sanctuary that is a pretty good indication that I 'want to be alone'!

What normally follows my retreat is the intermittent interruption of my 'me time' by inane shouts, phone calls and other annoying distractions. Women just do not seem to comprehend the concept of 'quiet time' and also do not grasp how aggravating it is to have to remove your headphone every 10 minutes to answer trivial and unimportant queries about whether you are 'OK up there'!

Anyway, this post on Boing Boing caught my eye and sums up my attitude during times like these...

I am now in the process of designing my own notices which I will distribute downstairs when I go up for my next game session...But the main gist of my comments will be 'if I wanted to talk to you don't you think I would be downstairs with you!'

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