Thursday, 18 April 2013

MAGLAN 13 rolling blog

7am - Start of a LONG day!
Here I am again, at the start of a gaming day! Having checked Mumble - our online comms software - I was a little disappointed to find that I am the first of the BIG clan boys to be online! But I am sure that they are up and sampling one of Magnus's (Magnus being the host) super-sized Scottish breakfasts.

So, in the meantime I will amuse myself with some Bad Company 2 - Vietnam...

Man cave central - the hub of today's Milgeek events!

8.00am: I'VE STILL GOT IT! Haven't played BC2 in ages and while not 'Leet' I can still hold my own for an old twat! Much to the disgust of the kids - best of all I haven't seemed to have lost my knack with mines either with a lovely flag mine kill which stopped the turn-over. This kill garnered some abuse, which made my day and put me in mind of the laughs we sued to have when people resort to name calling.

Here's a Golden Oldie that still makes me laugh...

Phew! After all the BC2: Vietnam excitement I feel like I must have the first snack-stop of the day...

First snack-stop of the game day: Caorunn Scottish Gin & Tonic, Emmental
cheese, Scottish oat crackers, prawn cocktail pringles and salsa dip...
And now onto round 2 of Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam...

9.30am: You know, after my long absence from playing BC2 I did fully expert to suck. But I've actually been OK (definitely not 'leet' or anything, but OK)!


My squad in the BIG clan playoff seem to be going for British tank destroyers this morning. I've teamed up with BIG-Dewey and BIG-Paddy and brought my little AT-8 to the party!

LUNCH! 12.30: Whilst at the local corner shop this morning I spotted one of these Rustler flame grilled microwave burgers. Obvious game day junk food I thought, and I was right. It tasted like licking the outside of a used pair of rubber incontinent pants!

I did try and perk it up with some melted emmental cheese, but it didn't do much for the flavor...I still taste rubber!

Well, the gaming is fun and I am skirting the path of tiddly as the morning's gin takes effect. The guys have trotted off for something to eat. I wonder if we have any pudding in the fridge?

1pm Onwards - Decent into Darkness!
Well, from lunch till teatime I peaked then descended into a gin soaked stupor! I eventually had to give in and called it a day as I wanted to spend some time just relaxing in front of the TV.

Still, I had a terrific day, playing in company - especially the bunch of reprobates that are the BIG guys - is hilarious fun. Particularly as you can listen to them slowly degenerating - due to the alcohol - over our Mumble voice comms.

I guess the day was also successful as far as my World of Tanks garage has concerned as I manage to grind up to the British A-15 tank destroyer. As well as that I earned a lot of XP and silver to get me on my way towards my Centurion II, so not a bad days work!

And so endeth another gaming day.

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