Thursday, 18 April 2013

MAGLAN ahoy! (2013 chaps gaming day.)

Once a year members of the ironically diminutive BIG gaming clan get together in Scotland to drink copious amounts of cider, eat incredulously large amounts of booze and play computer games until I eyes bleed and our asses prolapse because of the amount of fatty junk we have eaten.

Well I cannot make MAGLAN 13 because of family commitments, but due to teh magic of online gaming I will be joining the rest of the BIG guys over the ether from teh comfort of my own home. I have booked tomorrow off work - careful to not tell the wife I am doing so - and will be joining in the marathon weekend of World of Tanks and whatever else we are playing.

For the occasion I will be breaking my alcohol and junk food ban and I will be assaulting my system with some of my old favourites - aside from cider which is still a no-no - like gin, Leerdammer cheese, the old Belgian beer and random spicy meaty products!

It will just be like the old days (when I was happy oblivious of my booze and food related health problems! Blaggghhh!)

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