Saturday, 6 April 2013

Man cave progress Part 2

My renovation of my 'man cave' moves ahead, albeit at my usual pedestrian pace. I finished the make-shift 'damp proofing' and the back wall now looks clean and tidy at least. The corner desks have been moved into place and I can now start putting up my wall shelves...

What this snap doesn't tell you is the vast mountain of crap that is behind where I am standing! Once I get the shelves up and the storage draws in place I can start to sort out the great pile of stuff I have accumulated over the years and the either eBay what I don't want or get rid of it.

But I am pleased with my 'L' shaped desk layout, the one on the far wall will be for model making, the corner unit will be for my spray booth and the one nearest the camera is for my games computer.

Now if only this attic space had a door I could shut to get away from everything I would be happy, but at least I am two floors up which gives me some isolation.

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