Sunday, 7 April 2013

PC off to compy hospital! A weekend without games (almost)

It's been a strange weekend, my gaming PC has been playing up since Christmas but has limped on...Until Friday when it fell over completely. This meant no friday night with the lads playing World of Tanks and now an uncertain period of time without a games PC.

I delivered it to to local computer repair shop on saturday, but unfortunately the guy did one of those 'shaking heads' things that plumbers and car mechanics do. Oh dear!

Luckiy, I do have the luxury of an Xbox 360 as a backup and I recently bought IL-2 and Most Wanted so I did get some gaming in this weekend. But I really missed the online banter of playing with my mates over the internet.

(I am just waiting for my current broadband contract to expire so I can change over to an Xbox/Microsoft friendly internet supplier. Until then I cannot use the Xbox's online multiplay function. I'm going with Talk Talk.)

SO...Uncertain times. If it's something simple like a blown power-pack on my PC then all good, I can stretch to that. If it's a blown motherboard or video card I am up doo-doo creek - I should know by next weekend.

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