Monday, 24 June 2013

General update - new PC, new game?

BANG! 'Oh, can you smell  something burning?'
Well, it's been ages since I felt like doing any gaming so it was a bit of a shock (pun alert) when I sparked up my gaming rig the other day as a major electrical disfunction in the house blew just about everything!

Our old Victorian house has been living on borrowed time with it's ancient electrics - yes, I put up our hands and say it was something we knew needed attention but we constantly put on the back burner. We needed a complete re-wiring but always had 'better' things to spend that amount of money on. Lesson learned!

For the wife it was the washing machine that went pop, for me it was my computer (and yes I did - supposedly - have a surge protector fitted). Long story short(er), the electrician took one look at our under-stairs electrical box and did that (expensive looking) head shake and tutting sound! Oh dear!

New PC and new game...
Well, that was about a week ago and it did cost us a small fortune to have a whole new board installed. Additionally this meant a trip out to Currys/PC World to look at a new washing machine. And while we were there I just happened to notice a nice little HP Pavilion PC on clearance. It was on buy now pay in 6 months, so I was sucked in!

Now I can play with the lads online - as it's easily good enough to play World of Tanks, but do my Adobe Illustrator work as well - while I have my main rig visit the computer hospital to see what can be salvaged. It's just a home office spec box, but at least has a 2GD AMD Radeon HD 7570 graphics card in it.

So that's the new PC, the new game was released last night and that is 'Company of Heroes 2'...

This is now out on STEAM and I am sorely tempted having enjoyed the first one so much. It's all about the Soviets this time, but that will provide new challenges and even though I can't seeing the guys from BIG clan playing this (it's not an FPS) it can be played multi-player if you wish.

Windows 8
One last thing. You can't seem to buy a new PC these days without it coming with WIndows 8, my Pavilion is no exception. My original intension was to retro-grade it to Win 7 64 bit but I decided to have a quick look at WIndows 8 first.

Well, do you know, I quite like it! Yes, the whole start button issue is a pain (it took me 15 minutes to figure out how to 'shut down' the darn thing) and the OS does feel like a bit of a Frankenstein's OS, as it is a desktop system with a 'made of touch-screen' OS bolted on. But to be honest there IS a desktop there in the background and so most of the time you feel like you are using Win 7.

I will be looking more into how you can customise the OS to make it even more like Win 7, but I do like the speed and solidity of Win 8...So far!

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