Monday, 17 June 2013

More Battlefield 4 screens - custom vehicles

If you asked a player of World of Tanks what they might like to see in Battlefield 4 they might want to see a level of customising that they are used to in WoT, whether that might be a choice of weapon, ammo or camo. Well EA, it seems, are putting some thought to this for BF4...

One of the things I always wanted was greater inclusion of naval warfare,
including the chance to board ships or oil rigs and have ship to ship combat.

You can read a little more about this over at PC Games, but depth of information is teasingly scant.

Customising one's individual gear is always a nice thing, we are all geardos to one extent or another, but we have been here before - anyone remember Host Recon's Advanced Warfighter's hype over their weapon customisation? In effect this concentration on these cosmetics was an attempt to hide the fact that the game was so poor.

Now I am not judging BF4, I can't as there still isn't enough detail yet, but there are certain things I really want to hear about the latest BF game - here's *MY* tick list...

1. The return of the commander mode - DONE (tick!)
2. Larger less console-centric 'linear' maps with more opportunity to flank
3. Multiscreen support for tactical planning - DONE (tick!)
4. Increased focus on rewards for team play/team mission completion
5. Increase fire support options to help 'uncork' map bottlenecks (drones to counter snipers for example)
7. Greater simulation of 'asymmetric' warfare with differentiation between 'high tech' faction and 'low tech' faction for the armies, each with their specific advantages and disadvantages (the ability to use IEDs, for example).
8. The return of the Chinese!

...Suddenly realised that I could go on and on!

BUT - concentrating on getting this game back to a PC-centric format one of the biggest things that hard-core PC users would like to see if the support for mods and maps. But with the greater integration of dynamic physics - like the ability to break buildings - it seems that games like this will be harder to mod. But I hope some thought will be given to clan war tools and server support to run tournaments.

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