Sunday, 14 July 2013

At last! A new game...Er, sort of

Well, World of Warplanes has finally been released...Thank goodness!

This really is a god-send as you won't have failed to have noticed that things have been a bit quiet on Milgeek for quite a long time now. So today I got my first look at what might be the game that keeps me amused until Battlefield 4 comes online...And longer if BF4 turns out to be as disappointing as BF3 was!

First thing is the hanger...Well, that's all very familiar, though I am guessing they have done some work on the graphics as I am getting better quality graphics on my modest rig than I did with World of Tanks...

The game system is likewise familiar territory, you can upgrade your aircraft with various modules and equipment as you gain experience. Eventually you will upgrade you aircraft to the point where you can progress onto a 'better' aircraft (well, actually, more advanced aircraft - as with World of Tanks you can have as much fun with the lower levels as you can with the super-duper higher levels).

Aircraft handling is as wonderfully intuitive as driving a tank was in WoT, getting a grasp of how to actually play the game is a different story though. I haven't quite got to grips with how the game itself works and how you win it - though, obviously, shooting down all the enemy helps!

Unlike WoT the game play is not in two dimensions - as you might expect from a 3-dimensional combat form like air warfare. Opponent versus opponent is not your only goal, fighter versus fighter combat is joined by ground attack. This makes things very interesting.

In World of Tanks there were three forms of fighting vehicle; tank, tank destroyer and artillery. In World of Warplanes there are two - fighters and attack aircraft. Both have very different jobs, sort of like the difference between tanks and tank destroyers in WoT, each type of vehicle compliments the other.

I will explore the mechanics of gameplay as I gain more experience over the coming days but for the moment you will probably want to know more about what warplanes you get to begin with!



JAPAN - Nakajima Type 91


Link to the World of Warplanes Tech Trees (Planeopedia) - Opens in new window.

That's right folks - there's no British tech tree! However, like World of Tanks, I fully expect additional tech trees to be added to game in the fullness of time, but in the meantime fans of British aircraft will just have to make do with what's on offer - in my case I will be exploring the Soviet line of planes.

At this point, however, I would like to speculate about one difference I feel exists between World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. WoT is an arms race - players were keen and encouraged to work up through the tech tree, that is an integral part of the game. With WoWP this might not be so much of an imperative as fans of aircraft take all forms - some love bi-planes and some like jets, so some people may very well not want to progress beyond their tier!

I happen to be one of those people - I love the early machines and while I will work my way up the tiers for the fun of it I will not be selling my lower tier aircraft as I progress. Additionally I can see me spending the majority of my time in these 'primitive' planes in preference to the higher end alternatives.

Conclusion...Thus far...
It's too early for me to say whether this game will be another hit for the developers or whether the change from 2-D combat to 3-D will be too much for most people, a lot will depend on the game modes and how fun they are. Though I will point to another game I tried fairly recently called War Thunder, which is as far as I can see a rip-off of WoWP, and say that I very quickly lost interest in this as the game goals seemed to convoluted for me to feel connected to result of the match (I literally didn't understand my role in the victory conditions).

Not World of Warplanes, but rather another game called War Thunder. Spot
the difference? ...No, neither can I!

Still, based on WoT I am sure that the developers have tried to stick to an easily understandable game format...We shall see, but I will say this - tootling about in the little planes immediately put a smile on my face!

Link to World of Warplanes European site.

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