Thursday, 18 July 2013

Summer events - Naval Warfare

The brilliant weather - and the pending holiday of my teacher wife - marks the start of the visiting season. I have an ambitious itinerary this summer but at the top of the list is a local event that I have taken for-granted in all the time I have lived in Scarborough - the famous Naval Warfare battle on Peasholme Park lake.

The miniature sea battle has been a feature of the park's summer activities for many, many years and visitors often recall it as a fond childhood memory. The 30 minute battle consists of some eight or so large scale models which cruise about the boating lake firing pyrotechnics at one another.

Although, obviously, aimed at the younger visitor the event still attracts a wide variety of ages and is still very popular. Indeed, when a friend and I visited yesterday there was hardly a seat to be had!

Just one half of the audience for the Naval Battle - young and old were
enthusiastically and equally enthralled by the show.

The little ships re-enacted a convoy battle, 'steaming' around the central island as the 'unspecified bad guys' (we know who they are though!) tried to sink our brave ships. Sadly, there were casualties...

This poor old tanker - the 'British Pride' - succumbs to enemy fire and lists
badly in a cloud of smoke!
Revenge is sweet as the attacking enemy U-Boat...Er, sorry I mean the
'unspecified enemy' submarine is hit by an RAF bomber (yes, there
are little planes too)!
The show is a fun family event and the narration is suitably twee - and rather (unintentionally) amusing at times. For example, the commentator recounted how one year one of the ships unceremoniously blew up and sank to the bottom when it's pyrotechnics spontaneously ignited en masse! "You never quite know what's going to happen!" He remarked as this rather Heath Robinson event unfolded.

But in the end everything worked out fine and there was -a rather predictable - win for our brave Royal and Merchant Navy over the 'unspecified enemy'. Everyone had a fine time and however cynical a character you might be you cannot help but marvel at the craftsmanship of the models and the ingenuity of their propulsion (which is revealed at the end of the show)...

No, they aren't remote control...

Not a job I envy on the gloriously hot day we had on our visit!
Well worth a visit - and the £3.70 fee (£2.10 child) admission - as you recapture a distance childhood memory of almost harmless fun! Highly recommended!

The Scarborough Naval Warfare starts around the last weekend in May until September 1st. Throughout June the Scarborough Naval Warfare is held on Saturdays only, starting at 3pm.

The Scarborough Naval Warfare is held on Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 3pm throughout July. During August the Scarborough Naval Warfare is held on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 3pm lasting about 30-minutes.

My complete photo album of the event can be seen here: Milgeek's Flickr - Scarborough Naval Battle

Location map of Scarborough's Peasholme Park...

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