Friday, 6 September 2013

Hazard 4 Battleaxe guitar shaped bag

Oh my! An actual airsoft post (there are more on the way)! Well, it's been a while, but of late I've been seriously contemplating a return to the game, so an inventory of kit and checking out what's new has been underway.

My main problem has always been transport - I do not drive (gasp!) - and it has always been very frustrating that I cannot play airsoft using public transport to get to a site. There are two problems with public transport when it comes to airsoft; first of all sites, by nature, tend to be in the middle of no-where and secondly carrying what are obviously gun bags is a bit of a dodgy activity these days!

On the second issue - transporting gear - I always mulled over the idea of carrying my guns in a bag that was less obviously a gun bag. I do not want to freak out fellow travellers, with the possible result of someone notifying the police that there is a suspicious character travelling with them. To me the obvious answer would be to 'disguise' my gun bags as something else.

Well, Hazard 4 has done exactly that. They have designed their new Battleaxe gun case to look like a normal guitar case!

Now this is good news for me on two counts. First that it solves my worries about carrying my guns publicly but additionally it's quite nice to know that my problems are shared by others, hence this piece of kit.

There is a down side, the price of this item is £195! Yikes!

However, the principal is sound and there is an obvious alternative option - buy a real guitar case instead and convert it. Bellow is the Black Rat Classical guitar bag which costs just £25.

Of course the padding might not be the same (but you can add your own with foam) and it doesn't have the extra side pockets, straps or MOLLE! But come on - £25 versus £195! :)

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