Monday, 23 September 2013

WoT - The Love Stug

You've got to love the Stug! Pound for pound it must reap the biggest payback for it's modest list of attributes of any tank in World of Tanks. And it's FUN!

Of course I do somewhat cringe at saying any German tank is a favourite of mine, so I hastily re-decorated the Stug is a slightly less offensive Finnish colour scheme (sorta takes the curse off it a little, at least in my mind it does)!

It's strange how art mimics life in the case of the Stug. The Finns seemed to find exactly the same benefit in this modest tank destroyer as I am in the game, in that it punches well above it's weight. Even in the later stages of World War Two, when the Finns were up against far superior Soviet tank designs, the little Stug was their most important and successful tank killer.

In 1943 and 1944, the Finnish Army received a total of 59 StuG III Ausf. Gs from Germany and used them against the Soviet Union. Thirty of the vehicles were received in 1943 and 29 in 1944. The 1943 batch destroyed at least 87 enemy tanks for a loss of only 8 StuGs[7] (some of which were destroyed by their crews to avoid capture).  [Wikipedia]

With games score like I've just had I can concur with the tenaciousness of the little 'Sturmi' - as the Finns called it - can pull off some wonderfully gratifying feats...

Seven killed - so top scorer - in this game, including the rather formidable
British AT-2 (which is a hard nut to crack). Most enjoyable kill was a Soviet
KV-1 - ironic as that was exactly the tank the real Stug was designed to combat.

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