Sunday, 15 September 2013

Zombies!!! Family game night

Zombies have always been a popular them on the Milgeek blog, so when I discovered Zombies!!! by Twilight Creations at our local game store I snapped it up. I had heard a lot about this game and was keen to try it out with the rest of the family.

I won't go over all the rules - you can find plenty of play-throughs on YouTube - but, basically, you can win this game by either killing 25 zombies or making it to the helipad. Simple? Well, were it not for your erstwhile companions maybe!

Zombies!!! is a fairly easy to pick up game for 2-6 players and I would say that anyone from 12 years old upwards could get to grips with the rules.

I guess you could say that this was an advanced version of good old Ludo as you try to get your counter 'home', but unlike the traditional board game you make the map up as you go along. Each player lays down a tile at the beginning of their move which represent a piece of the town and on each tile you place a designated number of zombies, or health or ammo tokens.

The board builds up as you go along into a town full of undead!

This makes the game board slightly different each time you play but as well as an evolving map there are special event cards players can play to help them or hinder others!

Getting to the helipad isn't going to be that easy!
This is where the game gets very interesting - and cut-throat - because Zombies!!! isn't a team game, it's definitely every person for themselves. In fact this is where the fun is, doing the dirty on your fellow players. For example, you can move the zombies away from your position and towards your 'friends' in order to enhance your chances of escaping or you can play a card which might trap someone else in a zombie filled building!

The game can be played long or short depending on what you fancy as the basic rules are flexible and can be modified to your tastes (you can restrict the number of map tiles if you want, or change the number of zombies to be killed for a win to 10 instead of 25, or decide when the helipad tile will appear in the game - sooner or later).

All in all, we had a really fun evening - we went for a 'long' game using all the map tiles - but things really got going when the gloves eventually came off and players started getting very ruthless with one-another. The event cards encourage this with some deviously designed actions that can be played on your friends and believe me when I say once one person starts the unpleasantness then everyone joins in with a vengeance (vengeance being the operative word)!

Right: One of the event cards which you can inflict on your fellow players, just to slow their progress! (There are vastly more evil cards than this!)

Terrific fun for all the family! :)

The winner! My daughter Stacey reached the helipad first, behind her
fellow players are still fighting their way past the zombies!

Finally, there are a great many official expansions for this game which add things like new zombies, more map locations and even more devious event cards, so the fun never ends.

> Official Twilight Creations web site link

> Link to Zombies!!! on Amazon UK

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