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Look back in fondness - old game memories

Every so often Flickr alerts me somebody making a'favourite' of one of my photos in my online gallery. That people chose a picture of mine as being a 'favourite' is always nice, but what is interesting is just how many of these pictures are quite old game screenshots.

Thanks to Flickr's excellent stats tracking I can check up on which of my pictures are most 'popular' and it's amazing that quite a chunk of these are game screenshots. So I thought I would use a post to highlight some of my most viewed game snaps...

5. Left 4 Dead - Being 'Witched'

Perhaps suitably, as we are coming up to Halloween, I'll start my review of most popular Flickr screenshots with this little snap - it's a first person view of what it's like to be 'witched' in the popular zombie fest - Left 4 Dead.

Getting killed by the witch in this game was a source of some humiliation and embarrassment as it was usually an indication that you were not stealthy enough to avoid this fate. Of course, there were some players that went out of their way to make a witch kill (as it meant big points) but in what was supposed to be a survival game staying out her way was usually a good tactic if you wanted to finish the level alive!

4. Call of Duty 4 - Me getting killed...Again...And again...

For some strange reason I kept a record of me getting killed in CoD4, and for some even stranger reason these rather mundane screenshots were rather interesting to other visitors to my Flickr gallery!

Getting killed in a FPS is a tedious routine for me, but even more so in the high octane frag fest that is competitive CoD. I was still with RiP Clan when we played this against other teams and it's fair to say that I was generally the person they asked to be in the team when someone else couldn't make it! :)

How come the helicopters always find me - I'm sure there were loads of my team
around me just a second ago! Bastards never said anything about the chopper overhead!

3. Borderlands - Skagzilla

Monsters always seemed to be a popular topic for screenshots from the game Borderlands. I tried to document my progress through the game - and it's collection of boss advisories - and it seems that others like to look over my pictorial journal.

Which this particular screenshot isn't the most exciting what it does show - to me - is a record of when members of 'Team BIG' (the small clan I belong to) played together to bring down Skagzilla in our first run through of the Borderlands game. Good times!

Another very popular monster screenshot of mine, this time 'The Warrior'
from Bordelands 2. Again Team BIG brought the beast down!

2. Ghost Recon Classic - 'Udmurtia Spetsnaz' mod shots...

This is quite amazing - the second most viewed game screenshot in my Flickr collection is one that is not only from a relatively niche game - which was released in 2001 - but is a pic of a even more niche mod for the game!

One of the great joys of the original Ghost Recon game is that it was so easy for people to make their own modifications, there was a huge cottage industry of community developed expansions for this game. From new maps to weapon collections, to additional missions to - as above - uniform skins.

It's a great pity that today's game are not so accessible and open to such player participation in the direction that the game takes. Some might say that the reason there is not is that the game developers want to keep control over paid for DLC (discuss)!

1. Fallout 3 - Alien Ray Gun

Fallout 3 was a monster of a first person shooter RPG. The map was huge and there were a large number of hidden side missions peppered around the maps periphery. However, one of the most eagerly quested missions was the search for the 'alien technology' which could be found if you discovered the location of a downed UFO.

I succeeded and was rewarded with the alien ray gun and screen-shotted the moment for posterity. This picture tops my game related 'hits' on Flickr, though perhaps somewhat disappointingly for some I do not give away the location of the crashed spaceship in the picture description! Despite this people - even today - still seek out this screenshot (and related shots).


Well, that's it folks. Perhaps not the prettiest screenshots I've ever taken (I'll do another post some other time of those) but ones which - for whatever reason - caught other peoples' interest the most. It's quite bizarre just what people find interesting, but I appreciate the 'hits' none the less.

I'm really glad that I've kept such a good visual record of my gaming down the years as I can invariably remember each of these 'moments' quite clearly and they bring back a rush of nostalgia.  For the most part a lot of these snaps were taken during team games while I was playing with my clan-mates and friends, which makes them all the more special.

I will leave you with this final shot - from the pre-diabetic days when my 'game days' were just as much about eating and drinking as they were about playing computer games...

Entitled 'Emergency Supplies!' amazingly this was what I had to go out to get because my original gaming fodder was running low! OMG...

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