Thursday, 14 November 2013

Christmas gaming - Metro: Last Light

Metro: First Light has plenty of darkened and creepy environments that should
 keep the solo gamer on the edge of their seat! [Click on picture to enlarge.]

I don't do much single player FPS computer gaming these days, my time is so limited - what with my slew of hobbies - that my involvement with single player games is limited to some casual Xbox 360 driving and flying gaming. In fact, I used to play a lot of solo first person shooters and was a huge fan of atmospheric dystopian survival RPGs like Fallout 3 and - especially - Stalker. So when I saw Metro: Last Light featured on STEAM my interest was piqued.

One of the beautifully desolate scenes from the amazing Stalker: Clear Skies.
The Russians seem to have a talent for creating creepy game environments.

In the back of my mind I am thinking about that chilled out Christmas holiday period where there is no pressure to do very much at all except relax, eat and drink, watch telly and play games (oh, and do some family visiting in between those important tasks)!

Naturally, I will be hoping to get in some multiplayer gaming with my mates - IF they fix BF4 by Christmas - but I do like getting up extra early, sticking some left over turkey and cranberry in a sandwich and having a bit of a solo blast on the computer.

Oh how I do like a post-apocalyptic game world! [Click on picture to enlarge.]

Metro: Last Light looks to have all the creepy sci-fi/horror elements that I used to love about Stalker. And like Stalker it also has some beautifully atmospheric and grim environments to play in, in fact it was these game environments that caught my attention - the plot escapes me - as Russian game developers seem to have a real knack for gritty and desolate urban backdrops with huge amounts of brooding atmosphere.

Memories of Stalker, Metro:Last Light heightens the single player's sense
of 'not quite being alone' even in seemingly vast empty locations!
[Click on picture to enlarge.]

So, December's pay day will see me forking out the £24.99 on STEAM for their combo 'MAC/PC' deal, which means I can play it on my PC upstairs or - if I want - on my MacBook connected to the big telly downstairs.

Link: STEAM store - Metro: Last Light

Superb! [Click on picture to enlarge.]
Link: The official UK Metro:Last Light web site

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