Monday, 9 December 2013

Battlefield 4 'Achievements' - the fun returns!

One of the fun things that my friends and I did in Battlefield 2 - apart from shooting people of course - was trying to earn the medals and ribbons as we went along. These added bonus 'achievement's added a little extra incentive to a game and could also be frustratingly difficult to earn sometimes. Battlefield 4, it turns out, has a similar system of bonus incentives.

Left: Although my favourite class in BF games is Engineer I like to have a 'second string' so I can help out my squad. In BF2 this was always the Support role and I was particularly proud that I earned myself some of the MEC's exalted achievements for this character!  The 'middle-eastern' styled MEC faction was my favourite faction to play, though sadly it has been dropped from the BF series now in favour of 'real' factions like the Russian Federation and China. I think I preferred a fictitious 'nation' - it's a game after all.

Wow! This takes me back - this is a screenshot of my Battlefield 2 achievement badges made in
September 2009. It's scary that I keep this stuff!

Thus far my BF4 experience has been dominated by my desperate bid just not to die so much! But now I have a more accommodating computer specification and have gotten used to some of the maps I have started pushing myself to attain certain self-motivating goals, like trying to do a knife or pistol kill in every game, or seeing how many vehicles I can destroy in a round or - most importantly - trying to consistently achieve a positive K/D rate for a round!

Although mines are my thing, I also got a particular satisfaction
from bringing down those annoying aircraft whores that made
the infantry's life so miserable in BF2! I was very pleased when I
eventually won my gold expert air defence achievement in 2008!

So, now that I am trying to push my skills and improve I thought it was time that I started to look more closely at the games own built in achievements' and how to earn them.

Quite what they are and how to track your progress can be done via your web based 'Battlelog' page. As with previous BF games the achievements are rated bronze, silver and gold and progressively up the ante so that, for example, to earn a bronze Engineer achievement you have to make 7 kills with a carbine and do 16 repairs, while at gold level this increased to a whopping 20 Carbine Ribbons, 50 Repair Ribbons and 200 kills with any carbine! Woof!

My Battlefield 4 Bronze achievement log. Oh dear! The phrase 'could do better'
comes to mind. Still, it gives me something to aim for.

Because I haven't been checking as I concentrated on just playing the basic game I have found that I have already earned some of the basic bronze achievements, which is a nice surprise. But even better was that while playing last night I did notice that I won the silver 'Wrecking Ball' achievement which entails getting to Level 50 in the game, making 25 critical mobility hits (basically disabling vehicles) and destroying 50 vehicles!

So, game on! I am now reviewing my achievement log and starting to work back through some of my basic bronze skills. I will do what I did when I used to do this with BF2 and make little score cards with which to keep my tally.

Working on achievements can be a little tricky and amusing (and frustrating) as when doing so you may have to go for the more risky kill sometimes. For example, instead of just blasting a certain kill with your rifle you might have to take a chance and make a pistol or knife kill instead OR you might have to go out of your way to concentrate on medic revives or repairs to the detriment of your game K/D score.

In the end it's all an extra bit of fun!

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