Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Airsoft: CQB 'Western loadout' firing tests

I have managed to borrow a Madbull chronograph from a fiend so it's time to test my new JG G36c EEB AEG as I suspect it may be running a little hot.

Aside from being the back-up AEG for my 'German' (Flecktarn) woodland loadout I will be also using it as the primary weapon in a European style CQB outfit. So, as a gun intended for use in CQB I really need to know that it's running below the norm of about 350fps, preferably about 320-ish.

The Madbull is the first chronograph I've ever used but thankfully it is very easy to set-up and use. You can test FPS and rate of fire and adjust for weight of BB and while I have read that it isn't generally thought to be the most accurate chrono around it is good enough to act as a pre-site guide so you don't have one of those embarrassing 'sorry mate, you can't run that here'!

Anyway, the bad news is that my G36c is, in fact, running hot...

Oooops! Around 379FPS consistently - with a couple of flyers
which actually hit 400! Far too hot for UK sites.

Bummer! Now the JG G36c is supposed to have a 'quick change' spring, accessed via a hatch in the back of the receiver so technically I could have a go at downgrading myself but I am unsure which spring to buy. Also, I am a bit concerned about a slightly loose fire selector switch - something else that cropped up in my strenuous and prolonged fire testing - so I want that checked out by a qualified airsoft techie. I will probably send the AEG off to either Zero One or Land Warrior to have both jobs done.

Here's a very quick and dirty video I did showing the JG's Electric Blowback (EBB) in action...

Like the caption titles say there isn't much of a recoil, but I have come round to the idea of some movement and 'rattle' in my AEG. It's noticeable enough that you think your gun is functioning in some sense related to reality without it's effect being off-putting. Remember chaps, while we airsofters love blowback real firearms users are constantly trying to negate it's effects - ironic isn't it!

As I said, this is just one part of a generic European CQB loadout, so aside from a primary I will also want a suitable secondary or back-up gun.

My nice CO2 CZ-75D is a bit of a no-no for close-in action as it is quite powerful and only really suitable for woodland where even handgun ranges can be a bit longer (or at least I can pick my targets to keep things safe). However, I have dug out my nearly forgotten CYMA Glock 18c AEP...

This project has been overlooked as I mainly enjoyed using my longer guns, but I always intended it as a CQB alternative gun, and actually not even as a specifically back up gun either. The real Glock 18c is a pistol which is capable of fully automatic fire and the CYMA AEP has replicated this feature, so - in effect - the Glock is a compact machine-pistol.

[Coincidently, I had only recently been reading about the merits of this feature in relation to the Battlefield 4 game. The Glock 18c is a highly regarded 'panic gun' in the game, great for noobs like myself who get all fingers and thumbs during pistol gun play! I can offset my inept pistol accuracy by spraying my target.] 

My first experience of proper CQB - at Centurion Airsoft's xxx - taught me that in very close quarters your weapon can never be too short! I was amazed, actually, that despite running my 'shorty' AKS74U that I continually felt that I would have liked something even more compact in order to get a shot from a tight angle. Hence my new interest in ultra-compact SMG/PDWs.

The good thing about most UK CQB is that they have a 'single shot' rule for added safety (so nobody gets hosed with full automatic fire at 2 feet). So pistols really do come into their own, and while I know this negates the advantage of the Glock 18c - with it's full-auto feature - the extended magazine and lethal looks make me want to give it a go indoors.

By the way, you can buy one of several different 'PDW conversion kits' for the Glock 18. These are plastic 'SMG' style frames into which you can fit your Glock...

The APS 'Carbine' conversion kit for the Glock handgun. 

I'm tempted, but I do like the look of my Glock at the moment and having a pistol does mean you can really hug the weapon close to your body as you try to negotiate doorways (so get a tighter angle as you tun through).

I ran up the batteries for the Glock and finished my day's test firing with a stint with the AEP. Somehow firing an airsoft electric pistol is very strange, despite the fact that we all take airsoft electric carbines and rifles for-granted. The chug-chug-chug of the electric motor and piston system is bizarre in sound and feel when you are used to a gas operated pistol - rate of single shot fire seems slow because of the laboured because of the clunky action and it seems somehow slower to respond than a GBB when the trigger is pulled.

The other thing is the batteries, how weird are they? I know you don't actually need a large capacity battery for a pistol but the tidgy 500 mAh 7.2v battery makes for a painfully slow rate of fire in full auto!

My CYMA Glock 18c set, with spare magazines, batteries and charger. The
charger is annoying in the sense that it has no light, so you are left to guess
as to whether it is actually charging or not!

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