Monday, 13 January 2014

Battlefield 4, Assignments update January 2014

BF4 seems to be starting to come together for me finally, I have stemmed my atrocious negative K/D - the PC upgrade I did has increased my FPS and negated the lag issues I was getting - and I am completing the basic assignments at reasonable rate. This all adds spice to the basic game and stops it becoming a robotic process because in some cases you do have to go out of your way during a round to complete an assignment.

I'm nearing completion of the basic Bronze assignments - think of these as your BF4 'proficiency' tests - with just the rarely played game mode and less favoured classes assignments left to do. For example, I don't play sniper much as it is my least favourite class and I have never played Commander, also playing modes like Obliteration and Rush remind me too much of Call of Duty (that's bad)!

As to flying, well the least said the better, but let's just say that my clumsy mouse driven attempts in a jet have predominantly ended in a smoking hole in the ground!

That said, playing unfamiliar classes is a positive thing in terms of your usefulness to you team-mates. When playing with my BIG clan friends we frequently discuss what class would be useful for a particular map or mission. Also, as each of us has a favourite class we like to be flexible enough to have a second class up our sleeves in the event that a friend wants to try out 'your' class for a change. So, for example, my friend BIG Dewey has been trying out Engineer this week, so I have moved over to Support to accommodate this (you have to try and maintain a good spread of classes in your squad).

Anyway, as I said I feel that I am starting to improve as a player and while I am far from being 'leet' in any way, shape or form my proficiency has started to garner me a reasonable haul of the Silver assignments...

A little tip, in case you are likewise a fan of 'badges' is that I tend to plan ahead and note down what I am interested in working on by way of assignment awards during my sessions play. I just make a simple Post It note list of those assignments that are near completion so that I can go that extra yard in game to ensure I complete them. There is nothing more annoying than finishing a session's play and checking your stats only to find that you have missed out on an award by just one kill or one activity.

As geeky as it sounds I normally prepare for a Battlefield 4 session by scribbling
down some assignment notes, just to remind me what tasks I want to complete
while playing the game. These earn me the game awards which unlock various
other assignments or weapons or dog tags (which admittedly are quite useless). I try
to give myself a choice of a few different goals as some of the tasks are better
suited to specific types of maps, so I like to be prepared.

Looking back, the trickiest assignment over the past couple of weeks has got to have been the 'Middle King' assignment. To complete this you first have to unlock the SUAV - a miniature unmanned reconnaissance drone - by completing the 'Safe Riding' assignments and then use it to make a 'kill'. This turned out to be something like a bizarre game of long-range darts as you have to guide the little plane towards an unsuspecting target and then mow the victim down without him simply sidestepping your attempted assassination!

Eventually, more by luck than skill I decapitated an unwary victim which - it has to be said - was a little hilarious as being killed by a SUAV is more than a little lame and humiliating!

The Safe Riding assignment is a Bronze level award where you unlock the
mini-UAV through completing a successful bombing raid...
Having unlocked the SUAV and reached rank 10 you can then go on to
attempting the Middle King assignment. This is actually a Gold level
mission so is, technically, supposed to be 'tricky'!

So, then next step is to get some time in as Commander. As usual I will watch a couple of YouTube movies about playing the role before I embark on it in game - this will save time and means I am not learning on the job and ensure I make less of a 'noob' job of it for my team-mates sake!

PS - found this video of how a SUAV kill should be done! To be honest my control of teh SUAV is nowhere near as good as this!

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