Saturday, 11 January 2014

Frankie goes to Zombiewood, and other stories...

I had been trawling around YouTube for good BF4 game optimisation tips and weapon/class tutorials and I came across a guy called 'Frankie'. Frankie has quite a YouTube following and is apparently very well known, a prolific gamer and YouTube video maker he documents his gaming career and produces some very amusing and helpful game walkthroughs.

Aside from finding several of his BF4 (PC) movies very helpful I also had a look at some of his other game vids as he is a fan of online MMORPGs, like RUST and DayZ.

RUST - "The only aim in Rust is to survive. To do this you will need to overcome struggles such as hunger, thirst and cold. Build a fire. Build a shelter. Kill animals for meat. Protect yourself from other players. Create alliances with other players and together form a town. Whatever it takes to survive."

Official RUST website link:

In the absence of the much speculated Fallout or Borderlands MMORPGs - something I would love - I have been considering getting into DayZ as critics have raved about it. Frankie's movies have enabled me to get a good feel for the game without having to play it, but to be honest his videos are worth the watch as they are kind of a comical game play soap opera as I find Frankie has a sense of humour very similar to mine and the rest of the BIG clan guys.

DayZ is available both as a mod for ArmA2 or as a standalone game in it's own right:

One thing that comes out of all this is that DayZ is a little on the prosaic side for my tastes, like the ArmA game - on which it is based - the game world is vast but there is a little too much wandering about for long periods without very much happening. Also, there is a sort of WoW 'elves making shoes' aspect to the mundane nature of some of the tasks - but some would say that this drudgery is part of teh appeal. Hmmmm.

Anyway, give Frankie's videos a watch as they are sure to raise a smile, and you might learn something at the same time!

Frankie's YouTube channel can be found here: FRANKIEonPCin1080p

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