Sunday, 26 January 2014

Game Day - Friday's BF4 marathon

Every so often I book a day off work, usually a friday, and have a little 'me time' playing computer games and eating snacks. Last friday was one of those days and I had a lovely 15 hours of gaming, but I kicked off the day gently with a little stroll along the seafront...

Followed by a lovely Full English at Scarborough's beach-side Watermark Cafe...

This all set me up for the rest of the day. I had originally planned to spend the day working on my BF4 Assignments and Awards, but my BIG team-mate BIG-Magnus sneakily took the day off as well so we headed onto some of our favorite multiplayer servers.

I made some recordings of the game play, but - of course - I couldn't record the full 15 hours worth (as I just don't have the hard drive space). The following sequences are from the morning session mainly, where just Magnus and I fooled around - later in the day BIG-Dewey and BIG-Paddy also joined in the fun.

Credit: Thanks to BIG-Magnus for the manic bike riding episode!

It was a wonderful day, we all had a very good time and had a fantastic run of fun wins. I bearly had to edit out any ranty moments of swearing at all! :)

Edit: Highly amusing postscript to this...

One of my 'victims' - who was featured in this compilation - has gone to the bother of getting in touch with me to vent his annoyance with me and my 'noob' play! It seems that the - frankly - lucky way in which I dispatched him really got under his skin and, in his words, 'it should have been you' [me] that died instead! LMAO!

To rub salt in the wounds  it appears that my self-deprecating remarks about my own inept skills have only served to antagonise him even more as he taken exception to having been killed by a 'noob'!

Really, you can't win! :)

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