Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Monday night Battlefield 4

Despite it being a 'school night' the BIG guys took to the Internet to embark on yet another adventure into the wacky world of Battlefield 4. While somewhat subdued - owing to the moratorium on alcohol (as we all have work in the morning) - we put on our war face and ineptly flagged our way through several games.

I am slowly getting better at recording our in-game shenanigans and here are the latest examples of my complete ineptness and horrendous marksmanship!

First of all, here's some BIG Trouble in Little China...

And here's a compilation to my mediocrity!

I think I have mentioned how useful it is to actually watch yourself play. It is very apparent what bad habits you have when playing and is a terrific learning tool if you feel - as I do - that you need to improve.

EDIT: Something else I noticed through watching these videos was the low volume of my own voice comms. I recently got a new headset/mic but forgot to re-do teh audio settings for this in the comms software we use - Mumble.

Over the years the BIG guys have used a lot of different systems - like Team Speak for example - but Mumble seems to have the least latency. What does that mean? Well, there is a small delay from the time you speak until your voice is heard over the Internet by your friends. That delay is the latency, and bad latency can mean the difference between you successfully warning your friends about the guy behind them and them and the, already being killed.

I have not readjusted my Mumble settings so my team-mates can hear me more clearly.

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