Monday, 20 January 2014

Recording gameplay - keeping those fond memories!

I have recently really gotten into watching other peoples' game play online! Yeah, I know, how utterly nerdy. Yet, stem your scoffing because I have picked up a number of pro-gamer tips which have led to a better BF4 playing experience.

Watching other peoples' YouTube fragging won't necessarily turn me into an uber-leet master, but it has sorted out some niggling frustrations that have blighted my gaming experience. Top amongst these are the Windows 7 and PC optimisation tips which have smoothed out my game FPS just a little. These small improvements are not to be overlooked, especially as they cost nothing to implement.

Anyway, this has led me to a renewed interest in recording my own gaming experiences, although these would come under the gaming category of 'how not to...'!

I did flirt with recording my own game footage once before, just for fun, and have some amusing little Bad Company 2 clips...

And here is my latest attempt to capture some of my inept Battlefield 4 play...

The key is getting the right combinations of graphics and software settings to record the highest possible quality screen-footage, and then upload it to YouTube. Not necessarily as straight forward as you might thing as the key to it all is doing so without causing any sort of lag or reduces frame rate in the game itself (my playing is bad enough as it is without adding any additional handicap).

Luckily, one of the online fellas that I like to watch - JackFrags - has done a really good video on how to set up you machine and teh appropriate software so that you can record in-game footage without causing any noticeable lag...

I shall certainly be trying this out over teh next couple of weeks and will try and assemble my own clips, though they may very well be entitled 'The WORST of Milgeek'! LOL

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