Thursday, 27 February 2014

An evening (or two) of Zombies!

As you know, I have been planning my big 'Nazi-Zombie' movie fest (when not playing Battlefield 4) and the good news is the last of the movies I wanted landed on my desk this morning!

Do not be fooled by the cover photo [in fact, an old mate of mine used to be very suspicious if video's box art was 'drawn' as he felt it was a sign of how crap the movie was] as Zombie Lake is a good old fashioned 1980s B-movie gore-fest, with a splash (get it?) of gratuitous nudity!

In fact I came across teh original 1980s movie poster for the film and I think that better describes the content and quality of this flik!

However, it is a French movie, and in good old French film tradition the director - Jean Rollin - something of an 'artiste' (who was doing this just to pay the bills) and apparently there is a 'deeper sub-text'!

...Hmmm, yes. I bet there is!

Anyway, this completes the collection of movies I want for my grand review of the genre and so now I only have to devise a running order and a date when I will watch them.

Obviously with 8 movies I will have to - at the least - split the showing up into a couple of sessions. But it will give me a lot of fun devising which movies to run against each other. In any case here is the list of my Nazi-Zombie movie collection, chronologically:

• Shock Waves - 1977. [IMDB score: 5.7/10]
This horror film concerns a shipwrecked yachting party. Once beached, they meet up with an aging SS Commander (Peter Cushing!) who had been in charge of a crew of zombies. Now they are rising up from the depths to create mayhem among the stranded members of the yachting party.

• Zombie Lake (Le lac des morts vivants) - 1981. [IMDB score: 2.9/10]
In a small village, somewhere in France, German soldiers, killed and thrown into the lake by the Resistance during WW II, come back.

• Nazi Zombies (aka Horrors of War) - 2006. [IMDB score: 3.2/10]
Feeling the pressure from Allied advance, Hitler unleashes his secret weapons giving rise to a type of warfare the world has never seen...Hitler's horde of nightmare weapons!

• Outpost - 2008. [IMDB score: 5.9/10]
A wealthy businessman hires a crack team of seasoned soldiers to accompany him on a perilous journey into no man's land, only to come face to face with an otherworldly enemy more vicious and powerful than any mortal foe.

• Dead Snow - 2009. [IMDB score: 6.4/10]
A ski vacation turns horrific for a group of medical students, as they find themselves confronted by an unimaginable menace: Nazi zombies.

Outpost: Black Sun (Outpost II) - 2012. [IMDB score: 5/10]
A NATO task force is hurriedly deployed to Eastern Europe, where a sinister enemy appears to be mercilessly killing everything in its path. But this is no ordinary foe. Only Helena, a gutsy investigator on the trail of the notorious war-criminal Klausener, accepts the reality of that they are facing a battalion of Nazi Storm-Troopers, a veritable zombie army on the march.

• Bloodstorm (Nazis at the Center of the Earth) - 2012. [IMDB score: 3.1/10]
Researchers in Antarctica are abducted by a team of masked storm troopers. They are dragged deep underground to a hidden continent in the center of the earth. Here Nazi survivors, their bodies a horrifying patchwork of decaying and regenerated flesh, are planning for the revival of the Third Reich.

Frankensteins Army - 2013. [IMDB score: 5.3/10]
Nazi scientists have used the legendary Frankenstein's work to assemble an army of super-soldiers stitched together from the body parts of their fallen comrades - a desperate Hitler's last ghastly ploy to escape defeat.

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