Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Nazi-Zombie film fest

Just landed on my desk, this trio of Nazi-Zombie action!

What sort of mindless violence could be more guilt free than that perpetrated against everyone-one's 'favourite' villainous entity - the Nazi Zombie!

Part of my wonderful Christmas haul this year was the gift of 'Outpost' 1 & 2 from my eldest daughter (they know me so well - as my youngest got me a set of 'Walking Dead' novels). So I had the idea of having a marathon Nazi-Zombie movie weekend. I did a bit of research and found out what the 'best' (worst) movies were in the genre and luckily they can be had for next to nothing on Amazon (which speaks volumes for the quality of some of these flicks).

To be fair, they aren't all 'B' movie 'fails' - though there are some howlers in my list. Dead Snow and the Outpost series are excellent entertainment, but half the fun of being a fan of this niche type of horror movie is getting a kick out of the 'so bad it's good' type of schmaltz!

Anyway, the first of my collection of movies arrive on my desk this morning and these included; 'Bloodstorm', 'Nazi Zombies' and the fantastic 'Dead Snow'.

Above: 'Bloodstorm' was originally titled 'Nazis at the Center of the Earth'!

Above: 'Nazi Zombies' (just couldn't put the effort into a more creative title)!

I still have a couple to come (from the US) which are supposed to be real Nazi-Zombie connoisseur material, but this is a really good start. I just have to plan the running order and when to hold my event (I am tempted to put this off until March as Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz is released then)!

Link: Outpost 3: Rise of the Spetsnaz Official Facebook page.

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