Thursday, 10 April 2014

Long time no see - Gaming update

I've been immersed in my modelling hobby (kit building - not swim suit) and Battlefield 4 over the past couple of months, so that's why I have had little to report. Having said that I totally neglected to report on this year's MAGLAN - three days of BF4 gaming with the lads from BIG clan up in Scotland.

Our welcoming host for MAGLAN 2014!
...Perhaps even more important than the gaming were
the LAN refreshments!
...So sorry about that. But really I couldn't live post because there was just too much going on (next year we are considering a TWITCH cast of the event).

ANYHOO...What next?

Well, I've kinda got myself sucked into trying out a tabletop war game (something I thought I'd never do) via my interest in models. My brother and I have been looking at BOLT ACTION by Warlord Games.

I know, 'war gaming' sounds a bit nerdy and all tape rules, dice and elves and wizards. But Bolt Action is simply an extension of a board game concept really and actually made sense to me when I saw it played...

So that's what I'm working on at the moment - learning the rules and making a basic and very rudimentary set of figures and vehicles to try this out. Should be fun, we shall see - will report more soon!

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