Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Ready for Bolt Action game!

My brother and I have frantically assembled a small force each for Friday night's game of Bolt Action. I guess if I had to describe this game to someone who hadn't played it's sort of a 'war game lite'. Perhaps a bit unfair but maybe a better way to describe it is a 'bridge game', which spans the gap between board games and full blown wargames.

The rules are fairly simple to pick up - even for me - and the play is about smaller unit tactics, so no lumbering armour formations or regiments and divisions of troops!

Anyway, I've managed to put together the minimum German force...

And my brother has his Americans ready...

Additionally, he has been busy building the 'board' - a small tabletop battlefield. He's been beavering away making scenic features and small buildings for us to fight over!

Looking forward to Friday night. Should be very different, though I can't see kids and my wife playing this with me on one of our game nights! :)

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