Monday, 9 June 2014

Wasssup! PC gaming roundup

Good god! It's almost like I don't game anymore! In actuality I do, I just haven't been doing anything blog-worthy enough for me to actually do any damn typing...

Battlefield 4 on the PC is starting to get a bit wearisome (predictably) and I have been searching around for something different. The most likely candidates are some of the host of zombie-slash-survival games that are the vogue at the moment - such as; DayZ, Rust, Seven Days to Live, etc.

I have been watching FRANKIEonPCin1080p on YouTube as he has regularly posted his in-game experiences with RUST and DayZ and they make very entertaining viewing. However, having done some asking around various gaming clans I still think a lot needs to be done to these games to make them more playable.

So, at the moment my hopes rest on Sony's H1Z1 which promises to be everything DayZ is but better (and by better they mean actually be a proper game rather than a BETA sandbox).

I am also, of course, very excited about the recent release of Wolfenstein, but as this is really (mainly) a single player experience I am happy to wait until next month to buy this as the price should have fallen a bit. World of Tanks has received a few nice updates since I last played it, but I have really gotten that bug out my system (literally, I uninstalled it)! :)

The biggest news - well, most exciting anyway - is that off the back of Battlefield 4 EA will be releasing one of the new 'related' titles for the franchise that it hinted at. Called Battlefield Hardline this heist based game promised to be a sort of cross between GTA and BF! Watch the trailer to get a better idea of what this would mean...

This would most certainly get my BIG Clan friends and I excited about FPS again and it's supposed to be coming out in October of this year. Best news though is that it is being developed by someone other than DICE and will include all the lessons that EA has learned from BF4's deplorable Netcode issues (fingers crossed eh)!

And finally, dabbled with Rebellion's Sniper Elite 2: Zombie Army and thought it rather fun (in a short-term faddy sort of way). But was sufficiently impressed as to want to give the new Sniper Elite 3 a look when it's released soon...

Again, I can't see the BIG Clan guys playing this but I would like it loaded on my rig in time for September's MAGLAN14 II - The Revenge! However, as the above video shows there is actually a fairly interesting looking multiplayer mode so you never know, if the guys can be bothered to fork out the cash we may all have a go.

Well, that's it - other than to announce that I have finally managed to run to a bit of an extension to my mid-life upgrade to my gaming rig. This time I am adding two much needed power-up that will impact my Battlefield 4 play - a new graphics card and a SSD.

The card is a MSI Radeon 3GB R9 280X and really should give me the much needed ooomph that has been missing with my current ATI Radeon HD 5850.

Additionally I am - at long last - adding a SDD to my system, I have been putting this off until I have been completely convinced that they are stable and reliable (I am a bit of a ludite at times). My gaming friends have been using them quite happily for a few years now and it's has started to irk me that they are always in game before me as a consequence so I splashed out on a Crucial MX100 2.5 256GB SATA III SSD.

I'll report back after Friday night's game night as to how I feel these have improved things.


  1. OK - I didn't understand a word of that, but so long as you're happy....