Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Battle Supremacy (Mac OS) - Night fighting!

Just when I thought there wasn't much more to say about the 'poor man's World of Tanks on the Mac' - Atypical's Battle Supremacy - the little blighter goes and surprises me.

Now - forgive the pun - but this isn't a game changer, the game is still petty crude (compared to WoT) but it does have one thing that World of Tanks hasn't...Night battles!

This caught me completely by surprise! I logged on for a quick spot of lunchtime tank blasting and was dropped into a midnight urban scene with only my tank's headlamps and the silhouette of buildings in the moonlight for illumination. But guess what...It worked brilliantly!

The guys over at World of Tanks should really take a look at this, the cover of darkness really adds a level of uncertainty that makes the whole game mode tense and interesting. The only clue you have to the enemy whereabouts is your 'radar' (why do tanks have radar, I do not know) and the enemies red ID tags.

The inaccuracy of the ballistic physics of the game still spoil things a little (...'Really? My Tiger I was just knocked out by that Matilda? Come on!...) and the speed with which the smaller tanks can race around is crazy when this mobility is not then balanced by lesser hitting power. But, it is what it is and more people seem to be online playing it each day.

Floats like a butterfly, stings like a bee! The Matilda is the Ferrari of tanks in
the game. Noting like the actual Matilda which was a plodding and unreliable
hunk of iron with a piddling gun!
It struck me today what Battle Supremacy reminds me of - it's like an updated version of the 80s coin-op game by Atari called 'Battlezone'. A very simple blaster with little realism, but fast gratuitous 'blow 'em up' fun.

Remember Battlezone? This Tron-like 'VR' game (yes, they thought this was
'VR' in the 80s) is very reminiscent of Battle Supremacy. The way colliding
tanks pirouette in both games is remarkably similar!

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