Monday, 5 January 2015

Christmas Analogue Game Haul

I've sort of made my Christmas analogue games a foot note post as they don't really come under the 'Milgeek' theme heading - other than that they are games I will be playing. I *did* have a war game on my Xmas wish list - Memoir '44 - but, to be fair, it was very expensive and is something that I should be buying myself.

Anyway, as the board games I did get as part of my Christmas treat are not military related I won't do a full post describing them but instead will point you to some online video reviews on them (why reinvent the wheel)...

First off, I received 'Ticket to Ride: Europe' - short story, I wanted a 'family' game that was just a bit more involved than good old Monopoly. This railway tycoon track building game seems pretty easy to pick up and yet can involve sneaky strategies and cut-throat tactics once players are used to the basic mechanics...

I should add that a great way to learn the basic mechanics is to download a digital version of the game (that's what I did). These are available for desktop OS, tablet and mobile - I bought both the Mac OS and iPhone versions and they are terrific casual games in themselves.

The second game I bought with my Christmas money was 'Dungeon!' - which, roughly, is a sort of introduction to the concept of 'Dungeons and Dragons' without the need for complex manuals, pencils paper and lots of funny shaped dice or dressing yourself up and giving yourself an 'amusing' name!

This is quite a 'young persons' game (8 years old plus it recommends) but is a nice way to introduce a skeptical grown-up family to 'role playing' of a sort. I suppose you could say it's a board game intended to get your 'young 'uns' interested in playing more advanced and full-blown RPGs.

So, there you go. Not very Milgeeky but none-the-less two new games I am playing at the moment.

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