Saturday, 3 January 2015

Christmas break, a haul of new adventures!

As far as gaming goes Christmas is an opportunity to relax and catch up on all the gaming I've been meaning to do but just haven't had the time. It also means the annual STEAM sale and I bought a couple of excellent single player games for my PC that have been on my watch list for quite some time.

South Park: Stick of Truth and Wolfenstein: New Order have stubbornly refused to drop in price, despite being 6 or so months old. I refused to pay the extortionate release prices for these two games and held out until STEAM finally offered them at a discount. Quite a big thing for me as I usually cave and pay the full price for games I want after a month or so!

Anyway, of course these are single player PC games and I have sort-of gotten out of playing SP games as a rule. I think the last single player only game I played was Fallout 3! But Christmas is the ideal time to pass a few hours solo gaming as on-line friends tend to be a bit scarce due to family commitments.

South Park: Stick of Truth is as stupid and adolescent as you imagine it would be, but as a big South Park fan I am completely happy with the never ending fart jokes! It is very faithful to the series and as a lot of reviewers have commented it is just like being in an episode of the cartoon - all your favourite characters are there.

Here's my South Park character - 'Douchbag' the Level 2 Thief. About to set off
on my adventure aided by Butters...Not exactly an RPG dream team!
Wolfenstien: New Order is a continuation of a classic franchise that hails back to my Mac Performa days (with Wolfenstien 3D in 1992).This is a real Milgeek fiesta of WW2 FPS, Nazi Occult sci-fi and alternative history nonsense. If you loved the movie 'Iron Skies' then you will love this silly romp. There are plenty of cool weapons to play with and plenty of stupid Nazis to despatch (seriously, even in an alternative future Nazi guards are still the dumbest creatures you can imagine)!

The main character in Wolfenstein - Blazkowicz - has changed quite a bit
over the years! His 1992 cartoon pixel self has developed into the 2014
realistic rendering. None the less the game-play is still firmly comic.
Aside from these two solo games I have been lured back to playing World of Tanks again (...I know...) by the latest 9.5 patch and it's inclusion of some new British armour. Chief among these are two of my favourites, the Sherman Firefly and the Achilles tank destroyer - both armed with the pretty potent 17 Pounder gun. It's not an exaggeration to say that British WoT fans have been pleading with the developers to bring out the Firefly even since they released the British tank line.

The WoT Sherman Firefly. The game models have slowly improved since the
game was first released, this model is quite superb and check out my 17 Pounder!
The attraction of these two tanks - for me at least - is it adds a very handy pair of British 'scout sniper' type of tanks at Tier VI. I love Tier V/VI, they lots of fun with plenty of movement and action but with the ability to punch above their weight if you get dragged into a higher tier game. While the 17 Pounder gun isn't a big hitter - compared to my M36 Jackson's 90mm or the Jag. Pnz. IV's mighty 88 - it's good range, accuracy and relatively high rate of fire means yo can chip away at heavier types and really annoy them.

The Achilles, somewhat at odds with the Christmas background in it's British
desert camo! I am still deciding whether I like this Tier VI  tank destroyer as
it has yet to displace the M36 Jackson as my favourite level VI mount.
Anyway...That's my Christmas 2014. Plenty of games (I'll be telling you about my Xmas analogue games in a separate post later). I wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the best for 2015!

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