Friday, 22 May 2015

He says what we are thinking!

Or, subtitle, why BIG Clan has lost interest in gaming for the moment...

I had to post this up, it's the family bucket of rants!

Ranting is a mega important part of gaming - one of the reasons women 'don't get' guys obsession with online gaming is because they think we are *just* gaming. What they don't get is guys come online so they can have a legitimate and safe outlet for their frustrations, you fellow player is just your facilitator, knows this, and allows you to vent your frustrations in an unspoken understanding that you will do the same for him at some point...

Note: The above video is not only a side-splitting and commendable rant but also happens to be true. And if you at all wonder why I go on about 'necro-gaming' and spend my time piddling about playing stuff that Victor Frankenstein had to revive rather than playing the latest 'big bockbuster' game - then Bluedrake42 nails it in this tirade.

...Slow clap!

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