Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Meanwhile...A game to keep me going

So, indeed, meanwhile. What do you play while waiting for the next 'triple A' tactical shooter to come out? How about a little Insurgency?

You're joking - back to the Middle East again? Insurgency doesn't get any prizes for originality
of settings - but you can't argue that it isn't topical!

Well, I happened across a very interesting video by TotalBiscuit who described a little FPS game that has been out for a while now but which looks like a very promising 'filler'. It's called Insurgency and I had heard of it some time ago but passed over it as I thought it was just a 'Counter Strike' clone.

It seems I was somewhat hasty as the general opinion of a few renowned game-VBloggers is that it is definitely worth considering, especially at the low price-tag of just £10.

So, what is Insurgency?

And to prove that this isn't just sheer randomness here's another positive review from an eminent gamer (LevelCap this time)...

I could have gone on, but time for me not to be so lazy and actually tell you what I think!

As I say, I came across this game on STEAM quite some time ago but when reading the description thought 'CS' and if there's something I don't need any more of it's more Counter Strike! But these video reviews got me to take the plunge and download Insurgency and I have to agree that it isn't just a weak 'twitcher' dash and camp title.

What makes this game a little different is the what the developers have left out - there's no jumping, there's no mini-map, there's no kill-score, there's no hip-fire cross-hair, there's no health packs, revives, bonuses, kill-cam, etc, etc, etc...

What there is is pretty much a one-shot kill tactical team shooter that rewards players who take their time and play as part of the team.

I think it's a fun and challenging little game. Of course it's not as in depth as one of the big money titles, and the maps are a lot smaller, but it's a really nice 'warm up' and practise title.

There are down sides, the most obvious of which is the quality of graphics...

Er, who are these guys and why are they all dressed the same? OK, so it won't win any awards
for cutting edge graphics of visual effects, but Insurgency has a kind of 'not pretty but does the job'
vibe about it. And the job it does is being a solid and quickly embroiling tactical shooter.

Now, you are going to say 'why is this a tactical shooter'? Good question, and in truth Insurgency is really a hybrid of sorts - it mixed non-arcade attributes that you expect of a proper tactical shooter (like the 'no cross-hairs' and 'no jumping & shooting', etc) with the small maps and limited objectives of an arcade shooter.

The up-shot of this is it's like a training ground for tactical shooters. Just as a infantryman might practise doing a 'kill house' with paper targets to hone his muscle memory and speed, so Insurgency is like they took one objective from a big tactical shooter game and plonked it in front of you and said 'get on with it'!

And it kind works, especially if you 'train' with friends (there is a co-op v Bots mode as well as team online matches).

There are a lot of other positive aspects to this game (and negatives) that I am skipping over, but suffice to say that it will keep me amused - and up to speed - until they release something more in-depth (technically) and immersive.

And did I mention it was just £10?

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