Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Never say never (airsoft redux)

Me in my Russian Tiger BDUs
When I said, earlier this year, that I was finally giving up the idea of participating in airsoft it did cause one unexpected quandary...Just what do I do with all that airsoft kit that I had accumulated?

At the moment it's all taking up a large amount of space and gathering dust in my 'man cave' - space I would rather use for other hobbies. I have been putting off the inevitable 'clear out' of this largely redundant collection owing to a serious case of denial that that phase of my hobby-life is now over.

Left: The glory days at South Yorkshire Airsoft with my, then, newly purchased CYMA AKM. This was pre-UKARA and I bought this on the site stall...Those were the days!

That said I had always said I would keep two AEGs and one loadout 'just in case' - as I have had several friends who have kindly said I would be welome to join them if I ever felt the urge to have an outing for old time sake.

But beside this I have always felt I have some unfinished business. I had several gun-based projects that I put a lot of time and effort into that were still far from completion and that just niggled me (a mild case of OCD maybe)! And chief among these was my AK-105 upgrade plans.

The two AEGs that I decided to hang on to are my VFC AKS74U and my Kalash AK-105. Not because they were the best airsoft guns I have ever had (top honours must go to my JG H&K G3A1 and my first CYMA AK-74)  but because they are the most fun. These are the sort of AEGs that put a smile on your face in the field.

Awww, my first AK - which I guess is what made it special. It was a CYMA AK-74,
a fixed stock ABS AEG which was reliable and accurate. Being basically plastic it
was wonderfully light, and yet was strong (I fell on it once but didn't snap it)!

So, while organising my airsoft kit clear-out I am at the same time going to be spending some time customising my AK-105 to get it the way I want it.

One of the plus points about not being into airsoft to the degree I was a few years ago is that I am now not so precious about having my AKs 'stock' (i.e. unmodified). My days of being an avid fan of the 'Red Alliance' forum - with all the annul self-righteousness about not using 'Western' accessories on my Eastern Block replica guns - are over and I am not so disinclined to a bit of 'tacticool' now.

To that ends I will be sparking off a series of blog entries about customising my AK-105 and as a teaser I give you this snap of some of this month's purchases...

Modern Russian 'tactical' components - a replica Zenitco folding stock for the
AK-100/AK-74 series and a real steel DTK 'Coyote' flash hider by Tactika Tula.

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