Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Hello Mr. Posty! RK-3 AK grip? Yes please!

I actually ordered an RK-3 grip - or to be more precise a airsoft clone of the Zenitco RK-3 - quite some time ago, but unfortunately it turned into of of those online shopping nightmares. To be fair, some of this was my fault - I accidentally ordered the version of the Asura Dynamics RK-3 which is meant for GBB airsoft AKs. Du-oh!

An AK fully kitted out with Zenitco accessories, including the RK-3 grip.

Anyway, after a bit of a soap opera, which I won't bore you with, I finally received another RK-3 clone, this time a plastic one which is suitable for AEGs.

Zentico's tactical AK grip is something of an acquired taste, but it is very much of the Russian design aesthetic which suits the whole Kalashnikov 'beautifully ugly' persona.

The Mila Kunis of AK grips! (Is it attractive or is it not?)

It's actually a great shame that the first RK-3 clone grip I received was for GGBs only as it was absolutely gorgeous and was cast in aluminium (I was very sad about having to send it back). The replacement plastic grip - also made by Asura Dynamics - is not as nicely finished as there are some moulding blemishes and it's the sort black plastic which is more very dark grey (the aluminium version was a lustrous satin black). Ah well...

There is a positive side to the plastic RK-3, it's lighter and at $14.25 (from Ebairsoft) it's less than half the price of the aluminium version.

Well, that's another piece of Zenitco hardware (er, clone) in the bag, but there's still plenty more to collect before I have my AK-105 fully 'modernised'. I'll be looking at the forward grip accessories this month I think.

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