Sunday, 9 August 2015

Russian Tactical AK upgrades - Part 2

I'll start off by saying that I had originally conceived this project as an upgrade for my AK-105, but having seen the range of terrific modern Russian AK accessories - by the likes of Zenico - I have decided to expand this project to include my good old AK-74MN.

Today I'm 'talking' mussel attachments, principally flash hiders or compensators. While raking back through my airsoft collection I realised that I have accumulated quite a few muzzle breaks and what not...

Russian mussel breaks and flash hiders, old and new
The two most recent acquisitions were sourced for my Russian Tactical AK project. I originally bought a lovely 'real steel' Tactika Tula DTK -"Coyote" compensator (24mm thread) before discovering the lovely stubby Zenitco DTC-2 compensator which was especially designed with the AK-104/5 in mind. So I forked out for a nice TWI airsoft replica of the DTC-2 as well this month!

Top: the DTC-2. Botom: Tactika Tula 'Coyote'.

The Coyote will now be installed on my old Kalash AK-74MN as part of a refurb, and I will attach the DTK-2 to my AK-105. The stubby profile of the later is a lot more in keeping with the compact nature of the AK-105 'carbine'.

As I mentioned in a prevous post, there are three airsoft manufacturers who are making replicas of Zenitco tactical AK products at the moment; GBL, Asura Dynamics and TWI. TWI is the 'top of the range' Taiwanese company as far as airsoft products go so I was pleased I manage to source their clone of the modern Russian muzzle brake.

This airsoft item has the full Zenitco trade marks on it - prominently displayed at the font of the compensator, which looks pretty cool...

However, this is NOT an officially licensed product (Zenitco have not issued any licences to make airsoft versions of their products), so just be aware that this is - legally - a counterfeit product.

Moreover, despite hearing a lot about TWI quality I was a little disappointed in the finish of this piece. My real Coyote break comes in a lovely satin black finish, while the DTK-2 is a flat grey colour. Nothing wrong with that, looking at the real thing it is about right I think, but it was a thin paint coat and quite scratched and the trademark is not printed on straight (it's not level when the compensator is screwed on).

Another slight problem was the 24mm thread. I found it very tight indeed and had to screw it on and off several times to get it to fit. Not what I expected from a 'premium' brand like TWI.

Still, the DTK-2 does look pretty cool...

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