Saturday, 26 March 2016

Into the Dark Zone!

I was sort of forced into this. I was going to wait until I had completed the basic story mode before moving onto the more adversarial 'Dark Zone' - but I caved into peer pressure.

There is a lot written online about the merits (or otherwise) of The Division's Dark Zone, the sum of which has turned me off trying it out. So being dragging in was probably the best thing, in the end, otherwise, I might have put it off until I had tired of the game and never tried it. And this, as it turned out, would have been a real shame.

I'd allowed myself to be put off on the insistence of one of my gaming friends that the (quote) 'Darkzone is shite'! Which just goes to show you shouldn't always listen to your friends, because I really enjoyed my first DZ experience...

I was told after this first trip into the Zone that I had an easy session and that most trips are a lot more hairy. I hope that is the case because I'm ready for the challenge.

But at its heart, it's quite a cool idea and can be pretty exciting - although the caveat is that it may turn out to be a one trick pony. The fury of a hard gun fight against strong odds, then the nerve-wracking experience of getting to the pick-up zone and - finally - the heart pounding defensive stand to protect your haul (also, there is the little matter of getting back out of the zone alive).

I can see how this will be appealing, and a challenge, the first - maybe - dozen times, but after that?

One facet of this I haven't mentioned is the Rogues Agents. Other human players who inhabit the Zone and can be neutral, or a right pain in the bum!

'Manz28' (the level 27 player in the center) intervenes just as we are about to make our extraction
of booty from the Dark Zone. Luckily, there were more of us so he and his mate thought better of
trying to rip us off! Fighting off two sets of adversaries might have ended badly for us.
We met two rogues on our trip, but they were the same level as my friends and didn't bother us. Had there been more of them, or they were of a higher level or there were less of us they could have made things very difficult for us. They could have could have 'mugged' us for our booty.

This potential intervention adds a bit of unpredictability, which raises the tension.

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