Saturday, 23 April 2016

The Division - Done!

Well, not really done but, rather, I have completed the basic 'story mode' element of the game. This is the solo and co-op AI-adversarial part of the gameplay and lead you through a plot which uncovers the who and why of the bio-terrorist attack that is at the heart of this game.

All investigations into the plot of The Division are completed. I found 100% of
all the clues which build up who was responsible and why the bio-attack on
New York happened. You don't have to do this, you can progress without doing
absolutely every part of this 'paper chase'.
Simply put (no spoilers here), the story mode is a sort of training event which leads you to what Ubisoft was perhaps hoping would be the icing on the cake of their blockbusting game - your Dark Zone incursion! The initial part of The Division has you - aside from investigating and revealing the plot - upgrading your weapons and abilities and honing your skills to a point where you can confidently cope with the challenges of the game's PvP arena.

I chose to do every element of the investigative paper-chase in the game - which had me scouring Ubisoft's virtual New York for 'clues' - but this game of 'hide and seek' is optional. My BIG clan friends chose to skip this, only completing a proportion of the story-driven tasks as a bi-product of completing the main and sub missions. I am, however, a bit anal about such things!

My player character as he was when I completed the story mode of the game.
To me, Ubisoft did not make the completion of the investigative part of the game as integral to game progression as it perhaps should have been. The fact that you can 'skip past' the whole plot-line if you want detracts from its relevancy and questions why you have a plot at all if it has no bearing on your progression to the finale. But, apparently, some players don't like stories and just want to shoot!

Anyway, by the time you reach level 30 you should be a fairly adept user of the game's mechanics and ready to face other players directly in the gladiatorial area of The Dark Zone. The flaw in this is that this zone is inhabited by some very (very) high-level players (who have no lives) and you will have your butt handed to you when you encounter them...A bit of a flaw i Ubisoft's plan!

Role on the DLC is what I (and many others) are saying.

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