Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Sniper Elite 4 off to a bad start

I was very surprised when I found that I thoroughly enjoyed playing Sniper Elite 3 on the PC. Being a First Person Shooter fan I had always perceived Third Person games as something of an inferior graphical compromise for console players. But, despite my scepticism, I found this format a completely delightful and perfectly suited to the sneaky stealth theme of the game.

Anyway, I was looking forward to the next irritation of the franchise so when the first 'teaser' trailer was released I eagerly settled down to watch it....

However, what would a game teaser be without some sort of controversy? Bearly 25 seconds into the trailer I had to hit the pause button as I couldn't believe my eyes...

In case you can't spot the glaring error, here's a not so subtle clue - look at the German flag. Yes, some pathetic PC marketing numb skull has substituted the Nazi flag for a modern German flag!

Now, there are good reasons not to display the Nazi flag, the principal reason being why should we perpetuate its mystique. But, more practically, also the use of the Nazi flag is actually forbidden in some countries, so it's quite normal to replace its use with an alternative symbol (scale modellers will be very familiar with this issue).

However, what Rebellion Games have opted to do in this case - instead of replacing the swastika with an 'iron cross', which is the usual tactic - is to replace the hated Nazi flag with one that is clearly (despite being in monochrome) the modern German flag, or Bundes tricolour.

The flag of modern - post-Nazi - Germany, since 1949
To me, this is not only historically incorrect but deeply offensive to modern Germans who have worked so hard - for several generations now - to separate their national identity from that of the Nazi ideology. The use of the modern German flag is not only deeply insulting but shows a breathtaking level of ignorance and sensitivity on the game developers part.

This has really spoilt my enthusiasm for the game, and I really hope Rebellion make some sort apology as it's the least they could do. While America and Europe seems intent on moving back to far-right politics there are people - like my father's generation and mine - who still abhor the Nazis and think that there is no justification whatsoever to glorify them or otherwise excuse ideas that are blatantly Neo-Nazi in sentiment.

The pre-WW2 German Marine Jack (Kriegsschiffgösch). While
not historically accurate is an often used acceptable alternative
representation of a German military flag to the hated swastika.
As far as I am concerned Germany is forgiven for its past, and while we mustn't forget we must also recognise how humiliating it is for the German people to be so closely equated to their wartime regime, as if the two were completely indistinct.

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  1. I hate when censor these things, okay violence or bad language, but here we are talking about the history of our planet, it seems really inappropriate.
    It seems an insult to the history of Germany.