Sunday, 1 January 2017

New gaming keyboard for 2017

Yep, bust another keyboard! Not another rage casualty - LOL - but a simple failure of components. Some of the backlit keys on my old keyboard just gave up the ghost, which was a bit annoying as I like to play games with the light out so I depend on the illuminated keys.

Anyway, had a good search around and managed to find a reasonably priced keyboard (for a mechanical gaming board that is). Some of the gaming keyboards are getting stupidly expensive these days, the board of choice for my friends is the Corsair STRAFE Mechanical Gaming Keyboard which comes in about £97.

By contrast, I picked up the Koolertron Compact RGB Mechanical Keyboard for just £47.99.

The keyboard comes with a complimentary mouse pad and set of alternative high-viz keys for you WASD, Escape and arrow keys (plus a neat little tool for removing keys)...

As I said, I like to play in low light, so the actual usefulness of high-viz keys is somewhat negated. But, they are quite attractive so I installed them anyway.

What is very useful, and central to my purchase of this particular keyboard is the RGB backlighting features of the Koolertron. You have the choice 10 different kinds of LED effects and colours, great for me as I can coordinate the colour of my keyboard with that of my Raser Orb Weaver Game Controller (green)...

The other main feature of this board is its mechanical keys and, in this case, the keys are Blue Mechanical Keys. These are very 'clicky', far more so that Cherry Red or Brown mechanical keys. They may not be to everyone's' taste are they are quite loud and the current gaming trend seems to be moving towards 'silent' mechanical keys, for Lan party events (where a lot of noisy clicky keyboards might be distracting)...

Finally, this is a compact keyboard. It foregoes the numerical keypad making it ideal if - like me - you are hard pressed for desk space. As I use the Orb Weaver as my primary key controller, I do not need a full sized keyboard as I only occasionally need access to a full QWERTY set (for surfing the web, etc).

I far prefer the reduced amount of space between my Orb Weaver (and my left hand) and my mouse (in my right hand). However, when I have to use the keyboard I find the blue mechanical keys very pleasant to use.

Altogether, I am very pleased with this purchase, it complements my gaming controller set-up very well. The backlighting, in particular, is exceptionally well done - not too bright - and allows me quick access to any extra keys or the function keys should I need them. I highly recommend this keyboard.

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