Monday, 17 April 2017

My GF9 Tanks Starter Set Models

Well, I completed the basic construction of my GF9 model tank kits this morning and so I am now ready to try our the basic game, learn the rules and practise some tactics!

I built the tanks using some small magnets so I could swap over turrets so in order to give me a bit of variety in the tanks I can play with. Using this method I can have two variants of M4 Sherman and two variations of the Panther...

M4A3 76mm gunned Shermans versus Panzer V Panther
M4A3 75mm gunned Shermans versus the mighty Jagdpanther!
I'm really pleased with this configuration because it allows me to play with the formidable Jadpanther assault gun (or tank destroyer, depending on what you prefer to call this type of tank).

I'm a bit of a fan of tank destroyers and so this will be fun to play with, although the inherent weakness of this type - the fixed turret - will make for some challenging game scenarios.

Now that I have my tanks built, I may look at improving some of the starter set's 2D (flat) scenery, as - when I played my first games at the games club - I did find that flat scenery did give you a false impression about what was and was not in 'cover' sometimes. So, my preference would be to use 3D models of scenery to better simulate obstacles to line of sight.

I'll be posting up some notes on my first practise games soon.

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