Monday, 10 April 2017

SGS demo games at the Scarborough Sci-Fi Fest

It's been a very busy week for me - and several other members of the Scarborough Games Society - as we prepared for some demonstration games that the club was running as part of the local Sci-Fi festival. I got the job of painting a lot of WW2 French buildings for a Bolt Action game...

Cafe Rene! One of the half-a-dozen 28mm scale building models I painted as
my contribution to the club's exhibition.
Scarborough's Sci-Fi event goes from strength to strength and they couldn't have had a better weekend for it as the weather was fantastic...

View from the Spa Complex - where the Sci-Fi fest was held - across the South
Bay. A brilliant day of sunshine for Scarborough's visitors.
The demos put on by the SGS were a wonderful showcase for tabletop games and was a chance for 'game curious' members of the public to have a quick go. It was a very popular attraction as the interest in board and tabletop gaming has seen a boom in recent years and has become a mainstream family pastime.

Getting new young players involved in gaming was the main goal of the demo,
showing that kids can be prised away from mobile phones and consoles!
Aside from Bolt Action - the game I'm primarily interested in - there was a host of other games on show, from good old Dungeons & Dragons to Warhammer 40,000 and a plethora in between...

Terrific Dr. Who themed Dalek invasion game in 1/32 scale!
One of the games on display that I was pleased to see myself was 'Tanks', a 15mm scale WW2 armour skirmish game. I'd heard about this recently and was hoping someone from the club had it so I could see how easy it was to get into...

I was very pleased to discover that the game is very simple to play, so even a numpty like me could get started pretty quickly and have a game. The manufacturers - Gale Force 9 - do a 'starter set' for about £17 which includes three tanks to get you up and running, the rules, and other bits and bobs, so I may invest in this as it looks like a great little game.

The weekend was a real winner for all involved and I may actually have a go at setting up a demo game myself for next year - have an idea for little retro sci-fi/fantasy skirmish game...Luckily I have a whole year to work it out and build the models! :)

The SGS display was just one small part of the Sci-Fi fair and there were lots
of other things to see...Including plenty of Cos-Play characters milling about!
You can keep up with the news about this year and future Sci-Fi Scarborough events by visiting their official Facebook page: Sci-Fi Scarborough

And The Scarborough Games Society has it's own Facebook page too: Scarborough Games

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