Monday, 25 September 2017

7D2D - Day 91 Horde

Nightvision woes!
Is it me or is it the game? It seems crazy that when you activate night vision when using the sniper rifle that the sniper scope remains normal vision and therefore you can't see anything!

Surely, it would have made more sense that when using night vision that the sniper scope would them become a 'night scope' too? Or maybe I just haven't found the button for that? Anyway, this video - which shows the complete Day 91 Horde Night (21 minutes worth) illustrates the problem I am having...


As I say in the video, my plan was to use the sniper rifle to engage the incoming zombies further out and then to switch to the shotgun only if they got as far as my perimeter. But, I just couldn't see the zombies at a distance and had to take mid-range snapshots with my rifle instead.

Yes, I could have turned on the rifles torch, but the beam of that does not extend as far as I want (maybe I need a searchlight?)

I will try and come up with a solution to this problem for my next base, maybe by creating an additional barbed wire barrier further out so I can snipe long-range.

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