Monday, 18 September 2017

7D2D - Getting challenging

Due to some file corruption and the latest game update I had thought my game difficulty had flat-lined a bit. Horde nights weren't quite as challenging as I thought they should be.

Now, part of this is my fault. Because this is my first game of 7 Days to Die I probably set the overall game difficulty a little on the easy side, so now I'm progressing with my skills and am getting to know the game it feels a little pedestrian now...Well, it did...

At last...More challenging zombies!
Part of the problem was that the zombies I was encountering were the easier sorts, horde night just increased the number and their aggressiveness it seemed. But, from behind my walls, they were easy pickings.

But, over the past couple of horde nights I have - finally - started to see some of the more 'advanced' zombie types. The acid-spitting irradiated policeman and the feral 'whites' are starting to make an appearance, along with more spider zombies and troops of biker zombies.

They shall not pass!
My defences are holding though and - although I'm going through far too much ammunition - the zombie horde has still not breached my outer wall.

That said, my rather ad hoc base design is starting to look a bit shabby and 'bitty' now as I am constantly trying out new build ideas. It's a real patchwork of materials and blocks as I look for the best way to make a 'fortress'.

In fact, because I now have a plan for my new base build I've kinda given up any concerted and consistent new building at my current base - it's all just papering over any cracks. Also, I've resorted to the lazy approach to defence and am just piling on layers of cheap spikes to hold the zombies back.

An overview of the front of my current base with its layers upon layers of
spikes. Not the best defence, long term.

The trouble is that it looks like I will have to stay in this base a few more seven days while I finish off the basic construction of my new base. So it's a case of make do and mend, hence the ramshackle look.

This view of the back of my base illustrates my current strategy...

Next: First look at my new base (Base No. 3).

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