Sunday, 24 September 2017

7D2D - Progress Towards 3rd Base

Yes, I've nearly reached 3rd base...Har har har!

I've kept the design compact and simple in order to economise my resources and ensure that the compound is easily defendable (I can run quickly from one side to another).

This is my first completely new build - although I did incorporate a water tower - and I have used a lot of new materials such as concrete, reinforced concrete, and iron. There has also been a lot of thought - based on my experiences in my first two bases - that has gone into defensive architecture, like spike pits and perimeter fence design.

What you see in the above picture is 'phase 1', the tower, but this will be surrounded by a 'phase 2' perimeter fence. Eventually, I hope to build 'phase 3' outer defensive perimeter pits or motes, but the completed basic tower should be capable of holding off the current level of hordes I am seeing at the moment.

Working into the night on my 'phase 2' perimeter 'fence', which is actually a
concrete barrier. Hopefully, I will be able to use my melee club through the
bars (which should save on valuable ammo).

New Enemies, New Challenges
On each horde night (every 7 days) it seems that the level of difficulty is cranked up a notch. Special zombie types make an increasing appearance and things start getting a little hairy as you try to plug the increasing holes in your outer spike defenses. The last horde night saw the first appearance of the dreaded zombie bear...

Luckily for me, this beasty made his entry right at the end of the horde night when things were just starting the quiet down, so I was able to focus my attention on him. Even so, it to 5 headshots with my shotgun at point-blank range (he had gotten caught in my barbed wire fence) to take him down!

I dread the thought that there could be an irradiated version of this powerful zombie (the irradiated zombies slowly regenerate health so are a bitch to despatch). As a rule, I don't even take on the normal bear in this game but avoid them, same goes for wolves unless I know I absolutely have the advantage (I don't think there is a zombie wolf, at least I haven't seen one yet).

Exploring the Wider World
As much as you are consumed with the build-up to the horde night, you have to manage and your 7-day cycle between exploration, looting, scavaging (resource gathering), crafting and building. I have settled into a regular schedule of activities to ensure I get everything done that I need to do in time for the Blood Moon, it looks like this...

Cleanup & Repair: I loot the zombie carcasses and plug any major
holes in my defenses. I sort any loot and repair/improve

Any sellable items from my loot are taken to the trader and I buy
improvements to my inventory. I spend the rest of the day on a
journey to scout out any new cities, towns or likely sources
of new loot.

Resource gathering and production of materials for my
trip to my new base location.

Day spent moving important items to new base location and
Continuing the building of the base.

On the hunt for good loot and hunting for meat.
(If any good sellable loot is found then a quick visit
to the trader.)

Search for resources to help prepare for Horde Night.
In particular on the lookout for minerals to make ammo and
timber and iron for defensive items.

Defence improvements and ammunition production.

This is just a general guide, I do change the schedule to reflect urgent requirements plus there are the regular daily tasks I undertake (scavaging for food is always top of the list). On top of this, there is the lottery of the three-day airdrop (what goodies will I get), treasure hunts and quests.

One of the most exciting moments in the game is when you discover a new
city. The sight of tower blocks excites your appetite for new loot! 

However, aside from contributing to the looming Horde Night this variation of tasks keeps the game fresh and interesting and reflects my interest in tasks other than just the weekly game of 'Tower Defence'. I love the exploration and I am getting a lot of enjoyment out of designing and building my new base. And above all, I am always on the lookout for those invaluable parts to make or improve a tool or weapon...Finally creating a new more powerful or useful 'tool' always give me a buzz!

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