Saturday, 16 September 2017

7D2D Random Map Generation

One thing that's been niggling me since I started playing 7 Days to Die is my curiosity regarding exactly how the randomly generated world maps are created. I have lots of questions about how the developers went about creating their map algorithm, but at least I have had one of my questions answered...

Map Seed
I kept hearing the phrase 'map seed' bandied about by 7D2D vloggers and wondered what it was, was it a mod or a file you added to the game to get predictable types of random generation (yes, that sounds stupid)?

Well, mystery solved...

Is 'seeding' cheating?
Phew...Can of worms! I haven't gotten my head around this question, I suppose if you were a purest and played strictly 'hardcore' you might say it is cheating. After all, part of the challenge of the game is dealing with the hand you are given and a big part of that is the random factor so being able to squew the 'randomness' in your favour doesn't seem to be totally in the spirit of the game.

However, if you are just playing for fun and relaxation (seems funny thinking that games should be played any differently, but there are a lot of hardcore players out there who take 'playing' very, very seriously) then using seeding to make sure you have a fun and entertaining map seems fair enough.

Would I use seeding?
Yes. I am all 'seriousnessed out' after playing World of Tanks in a clan. You end up doing a lot of things because have to and not because you want to when you play a game 'seriously'. And I don't want that to happen to my 7 Days to Die play...I want to have fun.

Another questionable 'feature' of the game is that you can - if you want - take
a sneak peek at what your randomly generated world looks like in its entirety.
It's in actually the game options!

A case in point is a number of lakes in my current map, an issue mentioned in the above video. I have found a lot of lakes mean a lot of treasure and airdrops go to the bottom of them and that in turn means a lot of very tedious swimming and diving, And diving - at early stages in the game - can be quite dangerous.

I wish the devs would make a craftable small boat!

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