Thursday, 28 September 2017

7D2D - Sky High Loot

While the primary focus of 7 Days to Die is that seventh-day horde and you have to always be aware of that looming event there are lots of other things to for you to do. I really enjoy the exploration and looting across a large map.

There's nothing quite as exciting as spotting a new special point of interest!

The game has some very interesting special points of interest for you to raid, each with its own challenges and dangers. This week I took on one of the enormous skyscraper buildings that appear in the cities, there are several different types and each has its own particular theme, from pharmaceutical corporate headquarters to a construction site.

You can spend a whole day - or even multiple days - searching through these towering death traps and naturally, they are all occupied by the usual motley collection of hungry undead.

My first high-rise adventure presented me with a bit of a conundrum as most of the stairways to the top floors - where I suspected the best loot was to be had - were partially destroyed. Luckily I came armed with the 7D2D 'Swiss Army Knife - the wooden frame (and plenty of them) so I was eventually rewarded with this stunning view from the building's upper floors...

Clearing the tower floor by floor had already rewarded me with some reasonable loot, but as the danger escalated - with partially constructed and semi-destroyed floors - so the quality of the finds got better and better. So when I was presented with a terrifying obstical course to navigate I knew that there was going to be something special at the end to make its negotiation well worthwhile...

My trip up the tower was definitely not without its squeaky bum moments, 'special' zombies made more frequent appearances as I got closer to the top and I broke my ankle twice as I fell through dodgy floors (luckily I also came prepared with a number of splints). But my major advesary was time and it took two separate visits to this location to conquer the summit!

Even then the adventure ended with an Indiana Jones-style get-away as night-time fell as I made my final descent laden with my ill-gotten prizes. I only just avoided an angry wandering horde in the ground-floor lobby and made my get-away in a cloud of dust on my mini bike! Phew!

But it was all worth it and this was a well-spent couple of days out of my schedule as my haul copped me - amongst other goodies - my very first all purple quality weapons...

My first all-purple weapon.
Stuffed to the gunnels with loot it took me a while to sort and then put together my booty and decide what I was going to keep and what I was going to sell on for a tidy profit. My now numerous storage boxes are starting to get more and more organized as I collect a plethora of different types of items, here's just one of my weapon crates...

I now try not to fill each crate to the gunnels as that makes things harder to
find. Rather I leave space between types of items to make them easier to see.
I can't wait to get this beauty out next horde night...

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch...
After the excitement of my raid, it was actually nice to spend a day 'relaxing' at the construction site of my new base. This day proved to be just as productive, though, as I finally completed my 'phase 2' concrete fence around my compound. Better still was that I managed to attract the attention of a Screamer Zombie who in turn called up a mini-horde of nasties...Just what I needed to test my new barrier!

Conveniently, although the zombies could not get through my fence, once
dispatched their corses fell through, making it easy for me to loot them in safety!

The pleasant surprise was that my fence design worked perfectly, just how I hoped it would (I was a bit worried as I noticed a similar design in a YouTube video which had some crucial additions which my barrier didn't).

The premise is that the barrier (3000 strength concrete 'poles') would hold off a voracious horde - who I hoped would not be able to crawl through the gaps - while I would be able to have at them with my barbed club with impunity...It worked!

On cue, a single Spider Zombie tried to crawl under the lower posts but couldn't and presented his head as a very easy target for a good bashing. My only disappointment was that swinging my club sometimes made contact - and so damaged - my own barrier instead of the heads of the zombies. But, to get around this I switched to my Hunting Knike to stab through the gaps instead.

I may have to invest in the Machete now to up my 'entity damage' as my Hunting Knife doesn't do anywhere near the same damage to zombies as my beloved Spiked Club does. (Hunting Knife damage: (Current) 15 - Spiked Club damage (Max): 30 - Machete damage (Max): 30.)

Postscript: I later got a chance to try out my theory that the machete would compliment the concrete barrier...And it worked! The extra length of the machete blade allowed me to reach the zombies through the barrier and also caused greater damage...

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  1. I wish in the next update that they would add a radiation suit were to craft it you need cloth leather and lead and you need a high science skill or read the book, and when you enter the radiation zone you can find irradiated zombies that special in some way and they should have new buildings.