Sunday, 10 May 2020

A Man's Inner Milgeek!

So...What is a Milgeek? Well, it's nothing sinister, I'm not a survivalist or a gun nut (in the hillbilly sense, I support the UK's gun laws) and funnily enough I don't actually like the idea of war!

Essentially, I'm a bloke who likes war-games, I'm also intrigued by the technology and history of weapons  and - most of all - a bit of a history buff. Like many fellas of my age I also like to 'tinker', I've numerous hobbies, including model making and crafting. If we had a garden big enough for a shed I guess I would be 'one of *those* guys'! 😏

In fact - here's a visual representation of what happens when Milgeekery is taken to it's fullest extreme...

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