Tuesday, 5 May 2020

Insurgency, An Oldie But A Goodie

One side-effect of the current pandemic lock-down is it's making anyone with a STEAM account dig though their library for any old games that might be worth revisiting! In my case I dusted off Insurgency by New World Interactive, in fact I have both the original version of the game and the latest title - Insurgency: Sandstorm.

Screenshot of a original Insurgency co-op session.

Insurgency is kinda like a more tactical and 'realistic' Counter Strike and has become very popular as a 'quick fix' tactical team (tacteam) competitive game.

It's full-on hardcore - unforgiving - action in a quick round format for the tactical junky who is too 'tweak' for long drawn-out games like Arma or Squad.

Anyway, here's a short movie I did comparing the looks of the original game (2014) to those of the latest 2018 incarnation...

As you can see the graphics have been improved markedly BUT the original Insurgency is still very playable and enjoyable thanks to the core game design being so good in the first place.

In fact, the older version has some distinct advantages over it's offspring. First of all, being an older game it doesn't demand a great deal of horse-power to run it and thus FPS count is high, this also mean that the game does not put too much of a burden on your broadband.

Additionally, the first game supported Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, which the newer game doesn't. This is great for me because it means my Mac using friends can join in games with we Windows gamers!

As to the quality of graphics, well they are passable. What is more important in these sort of online multiplayer games is quality and smoothness or performance and this is where the less complex nature of a six year old game bears fruit (and why Counter Strike still popular after all these years).

Yep....It's definitely an oldie but goodie!

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