Friday, 5 June 2020

Dad & Daughter Game Night - 'The Plantation'

This week's Dad & Daughter game night continues our play-through of Left4Dead 2 as we take on  Chapter 3, Act 4 - 'The Plantation'.

This finale to the chapter was another tricky tactical puzzle which took several attempts to crack. Once again Team Beaty found that we were somewhat handicapped by our AI teammates, but even so we have found that keeping them alive did more good than harm in the long run. So, thanks Coach and Rochelle...

I'm not sure how big the L4D2 game base is these days but I would to see if Stacey and I can get a full co-op game going,I think we would do a lot better with a team of four real players. We may try that next.

...On a lighter note, I only set fire to Stacey once this week! 😂

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