Friday, 25 September 2020

It's September - WTF! I Better Post!!!

 OK, my lack of posts is NOT all my fault. My wife and I are both key workers and this whole pandemic thing has been a bit stressful (she's a teacher and I work as a Theater Domestic in the local hospital). So, for once, I have a reasonable excuse for neglecting my blog. 😇

So, I guess I better tell you what's been going on - well, it's been work, sleep, work, sleep, work, sleep! I never thought I'd be in what you might call an 'enviable job', but as lowly as my position is in the NHS I am at least working. Sadly, others have not been and my heart goes out to those who have either lost their jobs due to the lock-down or are struggling to make ends meet.

Anyway, back to Milgeek related things. I have had time to get some hobbying down, in the main I have been doing a lot of toys soldier modelling - the results of which you can read about over on my Molatero blog - and a bit of computer gaming. The gaming has been just fun and relaxing stuff which I have been playing with my youngest daughter - Stacey - and hasn't been anything that has required too my concentration.

We've been meeting online on a regular basis to have what I have dubbed 'Dad'n'Daughter' game nights and it has really helped me let off some steam throughout this difficult summer. Games included the classic survival co-op game 'Left4Dead2' and we've more recently been caining 'Borderlands 3'! And there have certainly been plenty of moments which kept us laughing...

Later on this month we are hoping my eldest daughter - Kayleigh - will be joining us online as we as we have another go at the recently updated 'Dead By Daylight' (another survival co-op game where your team has to survive being hunted by a psycopathic serial killer or monster)! Here's a clip from one of our 'family games' recorded back in 2017...😆

We might be able to field a full 'family team' of four this time as the developers recently added cross-platform play which means Stacey's boyfriend can join us via his Xbox! 😊

So, that's my life at the moment, long bouts of routine interspersed by some model making and computer gaming to relief the stress! I'm going to regularly schedule Milgeek posting - at least bi-weekly - from now on just so I can persuade myself that I do do interesting stuff in my spare time and I'm not just working and sleeping all the time! LOL

I'll leave you with this clip from lat night's 'Dad'n'Daughter' session where Stacey and I took on the Pain & Terror level boss in Borderlands 3. It was a doozy! 😅

...Oh, and the moral of the day is: The family that slays together stays together!

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