Friday, 16 October 2020

Dad & DAUGHTERS Game night! Phasmophobia.

 Had a terrific Dand'n'Daughter(s) game night this week as my older daughter - Kayleigh - joined Stacy and myself in a session of Borderlands 3 and then Phasmophobia.

Phasmophobia is a new co-operative ghost hunting game by indie company Kinetic and is available on STEAM for just £10.99. Since it's release it has become something of a phenomenon and is the darling of game vloggers at the moment, despite it's early access status.

It's not very complicated and when you read the description you might be a little sceptical about how such a - apparently - shallow game is such a buzz among the gaming community. But believe me, if you get some friends together and give it a go it become immediately apparent just how hilarious playing it can be...

Now, I'm a middle-aged bloke and 'don't believe in no ghosts' (double negative) but sitting in my man cave with the lights out and getting caught up in the shenanigans with my team really did start to get to me! The growing nervousness was palpable, and even I started getting all high-pitched and jumpy! 😂

I highly recommend this as a terrific 'party game' and although it has it's flaws I'd still say it was definitely worth the money for the amount of laughs and scares we had on the night.

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